Cubase doesn't play 1st violin in Vienna Synchron Strings setup

Hi, this morning the string orchestra setup with VI Synchron Strings worked perfectly. But loading the same project this afternoon the 1st violin doesn’t play anymore. Everything is loaded perfectly and the setup shows up everything in place. What do you think, could the reason be?


I would double-check the routing. I would double-check the sound library has been loaded. I would try to click the Deactivate All Mute States (even though there is no Mute enabled on the track).

Hi, and many thanks for fast response. Strange thing: in the moment I#m in another location working on another system (same setup/same files) … everything works. So: no routing or mixer problems, but a problem with the synchron player: checked data lib and location, load and reload times etc. Shows everything is ok. But it doesnÄt play in Cubase, Nuendo and even not in the synchron player itself. Now I’m waiting for response from Vienna support. Again many thanks for your response, very usefull as I didn’t check the mute states. Best, Udo


Thank you for the update.

Please share the solution, if you get any from Vienna.

Hi Martin, it’s not a joke, but I just had the problem with the solo buttons in Nuendo with a completely different project. It’s really not a joke!

I also had a similar problem with the VSL Synchron Player, there was also a track muted, although the mute indicator did not glow yellow. After I clicked the mute button twice, the track played again …

Thanks a lot. Will try everything. VSL support thinks it’s a CC controller problem. Will check that also -but tomorrow, as I now will practise some Chopin studies to keep the keys clean- and let you know the solution, when I find it. Best and thanks, Udo

Please let me know how you go, I’m having a similar issue.

Yes, Chopin’s Études is the easiest way to clean the piano keys.
And don’t forget the finishing coat by applying some Liszt.

how did you know?

I use the same products :laughing:

(sorry for going off-topic)

Hi Maestro, I need some correction in practising my own stuff and beside this I can fresh up some repertoire.

back to topic:
it seems to be a problem with the synchron player. starting it standalone and refreshing database it still doesn’t play the first violin

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I have exactly the same issue with Synchron Strings I, Synchronized Dimension Strings & dimension brass o Synchron Player in VEP 7. I’m on Mac Pro 6,1, MacOS Mojave with 128GB of ram. I have experimenting the thread count and preload size, neither of that fix the issue.

Really hope the next software update will resolve this issue.

I’m still waiting for response from vsl. Tomorrow I’ll reinstall the whole libraries. Hope, it works. Will let you know

Hello, as my composition session was to long this morning I didn’t find time to reinstall the libraries. Th reinstallation of the synchron player didn’t solve the problem. Also vsl support thinks the libraries are the problem. Will check this tomorrow or in the evening (now I’m in the studio, where the synchron stuff works). Will have a look on the preset files also. Best, Udo

Hi, just saw in my library folder -detailed view- the first three files off synchron strings have 0kb only. will reinstall the library
best. Udo