Cubase doesn't play when I switch to Vienna ensemble pro

Hi. I Use latest Cubase 12 And Vienna ensemble pro. When I switch Window vie to Vienna It doesn’t play. .Only in cubase window. ?

Thanks for any help

Hi @bensmir.hbs, as a fellow VEPro user, did you ever encounter this problem?

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Hello, can you be more specific ?
Are you talking about Vepro standalone or Vepro vst connected with cubase ?
Do you see the faders in Vepro light up ?
I could never get the audio purely from Vepro, I had to play on Cubase.

You have to get the cubase window “focused” then hit play
if you want to prevent Vepro window from going to the background, you can use some windows utility software like Deskpin which allow you to force a window to stay on the front

I solved the problem: background releasese function on cubase was on.