Cubase doesn't recognise Focusrite Audio Interface on MacOS Sonoma

Strangely Cubase suddenly can’t recognise Focusrite Audio Interface.

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Do you mean, you cannot select it as an ASIO driver? Or something else?

Did you try to reinstall the driver, please?

Yes, I have installed it. I think the problem started when I upgraded my MacOS Sonoma to Beta version. Suddenly Cubase 12 Pro stops recognising Focusrite. So the audio interface is only built-in and no option for Focusrite. But my Mac can recognise Focusrite as an input and output. It is just Cubase. I have reinstalled cubase as well.


I would reinstall the driver (after the OS installation). Is the driver macOS Sonoma compatible? Cubase 12 officially isn’t compatible. Cubase 13 is.