Cubase doesn't recognize my interface device :-(

I just purchased Cubase and I can’t seem to find away for it to recognize my Audio / Midi I/O device. It isn’t listed on their choices. I have Dorico and it works fine with that, so how do I get Cubase to use it as well? My device is PreSonus Studio 24c.

Doug :slight_smile:

You need to setup the Audio connections first, as described below. Did you follow that?

I finally found that window after going thru several of menu options under the Studio Tab. Part of my problem is that the device its self is not listed, but I finally tried the Studio USB ASIO driver and got things to work. I had selected a simple acoustic guitar and voice project to start with and the guitar didn’t recognize the driver, but after playing around with different options I finally got my guitar to work. I haven’t tried the voice part yet, but I think it will work also.
I’ve got a message into support help to understand why it doesn’t see my specific device.

Doug :slight_smile:

Glad to hear it works.