Cubase doesn't reconize the eLicense since I install Dorico

It’s already more than a week since i cannot use my Cubase i’m so mad. I think to be reimbursed. Every time there update Cubase doesn’t works. I need it to work 24h a day 7 days a week with or without update. I’m sick of it. I paid for something that doesn’t works. It the third time it append to me and it’s already to much. eLicense is the problem you realy need to resolve it. Now send me my new code (that another thing) why ? It should be one number for all time. That it. Too complecated. I have a code and that’s it. It supposed to work anytime. Not stop to works when your update are not update and you need a new code. What is that? That is so not effective. Last time bye Cubase. I will search on line for the most easy and simple DAW. Someone have Ideas? Something that works all the time? I’m more than mad. Alot of people work with crack and I chosse to pay for my license to be right by law but now I pay for it. I give you a last chance to fix my problem and next time I loose time and money because of the eLicense or what ever you will have to pay me back. I paid for an app. Give me my app. Bye !

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