Cubase doesn't record and monitor any inputs

Hi! Please help me, i can’t understand what’s going on — when I start Cubase it doesn’t record or monitor any inputs except Line IN 5/6

The settings is correctly:

When I try to monitor Input 1&2 I hear a noise with positive loopback:

When I close cubase all the Inputs work correctly.

Hi and welcome,

To me it looks like there is a monitor enabled. The question is, what is producing the noise. I can see, you are using some Inserts plug-ins, but we don’t see what plug-ins. Maybe the AmpSimulator or VST Amp Rack? If yes, there are some presets, which generates a noise. If you have a mic very close to your speaker, this could make the feedback loop.

Loopback activated in the UR-44 setup?