|Cubase doesnt rocgnize my CMC as a controller

i thought the new update for mountain lion will solve it, but not… any suggestions?

Someone from Steinberg can help me?


What version of Cubase are you using and, also if you could add more relevant information (e.g. computer specs etc…) that will be very helpful.

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im using cubase 6.0.7
macbook pro
Mountain lion
Rme babyface

anything else?

Have you:

  • installed the drivers?
  • enough bus power? (if u use a hub, use one with an extra power supply)

I would like to add:

Have you tried connecting it directly to the USB port of the computer?
Have you download and tried to update the Firmware?
Have you tried it on a different computer (e.g. a PC)?
Have you tried using a different USB cable?

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