Cubase Doesn't See 32-BIT Plugins Folder


there are two folders



I put “NATIVE INSTRUMENTS” folder to the path;

Program Files - Steinberg - Cubase LE AI Elements 8 - VSTPlugins

and It only see b) 64-BIT PLUGINS

I copy “a) 32-BIT PLUGINS” folder to the path;

Program Files - Steinberg - Cubase LE AI Elements 8 - VST3

Still It doesn’t see.

How to make it see a) 32-BIT PLUGINS folder?

Open Cubase, go to Devices -> VST Plug-in Manager and click the gear icon to the bottom left. Click the + button to add plugin scan paths.

Thank you very much for the response.

1) The files are in Scan Path. Still It doesn’t see?!!

2) Devices - Plugin Manager - VST Instruments - Gear

There, It says “VST-2 Plug-In Path Settings”

But VST Instruments the software can see are not VST2 instruments. (VST3 actually) But It summarizes all files in the paths as VST2 instruments. Why?


some things worth pointing out:

  1. You should point Cubase x64 to the 64-bit plug-ins folder exclusively.
    32-bit and 64-bit plug-ins usually have the same ID, so you can’t load both versions in the same Cubase version - x86 plugs in Cubase x64 would misbehave in any case.

  2. Program Files -> Steinberg -> Cubase LE AI Elements 8 -> VST3 is a version-specific folder for Elements 8’s VST3 plug-ins only:
    a) No 3rd-party plug-ins should reside here
    b) No VST 2 plug-ins should reside here
    NOTE: Only the VST3 plug-ins belonging to a specific version of Cubase reside here, all of the other VST3 versions are saved forcedly to Program Files -> Common Files -> VST3 (meaning VST3 plugins saved here will be scanned by all versions of Cubase and other DAWs, too)

  3. I would not recommend to move the NI plug-ins to a different folder (but rather point to the desired folder when installing, if one wishes to not use the standard path), but if you decide to do so, I’d advise to do it with the 64-bit plug-ins folder exclusively (so that you move the plug-ins’ dlls only, resources and content files should not be touched) and put it/them in one of the default 64-bit VST2 paths: Program Files -> Common Files -> VST2 or Program Files -> Steinberg -> VST Plugins.

  4. NI has no VST3 versions available yet

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Thank you very much for your detailed answer Fabio Bartolini