Cubase doesn't start after SL7 Pro standalone

Since I’ve uninstalled SL Pro 6, when I open SL Pro 7 standalone, then I close it and then I start Cubase Pro 11, I get the message:

Cubase start error

Then, if I start Cubase after a PC reboot, C11 opens instead.

Any idea (my specs in profile)?


You might try a utility program like CCleaner to clean out any leftover stuff from SL Pro 6 and see if that doesn’t solve the problem.

SL7 is probably running in administrator mode.

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Many thanks to both, and sorry for my late reply: I wasn’t able to reach my PC during the last few days.

Yes Hurmpie, you were almost right: due to several problems (during startup C11 was stuck to Library Manager init for a lot of seconds, also instability etc.), I have to start Cubase in administrator mode. If I start SpectraLayers in administrator mode too, the error message doesn’t show.
Now I have set both C11 and SL7 to always start in administrator mode, and everything works good.

Only problem, I couldn’t drag ‘n’ drop audio files from Windows File Explorer to C11 or SL. The only solution was to to permanently elevate File explorer to administrator mode too.

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