cubase doesnt stat up

hey everyone
I asked cubase to preform a search for vst-plugins in the entire hard drive (studio>vst-plugin manager). ever since cubase won’t open (and i’v been waiting at leas an hour). i even tried to reinstall cubase and it’s components but nothimg helps.

I have the same problem here. It seems it is a problem with groove agent se.

I deleted the Groove Agent se .dll file and it started but I don’t have groove agent in the vst plugin list to work with.

It is under C/Programe files/common files/Steinberg/ Components/Groove agent SE

I tried cubase 9.5 and Groove Agent crashed the startup also.

This might help …

That isn’t the same problem.

No it did not help I am still having the same problem.

My suggestion wasn’t aimed at you. Your problem is unrelated to this topic.


The problem was the a Groove Agent preference located

User Name/AppData/Roaming/Steinberg/Groove Agent SE_64

There was two preferences


Just delete the user prefence in Groove AGant SE