Cubase don’t recognise line input

I have problem with cubase not recognising line input from interface. I use mic line to record guitar and it works fine but line input can’t be recognised.
I checked audio connections and mono in 2 is not connected.
Audio system is set to steinberg UR22 mk2.
What else can I do? Please help

Have you set them up in connections?

Where can I find “connections”?

When I go to mono in2 in audio connections it shows audio port not connected and device port not connected


Then select the Audio Device and the Port in the Audio Connections > Inputs window, please.

In studio setup
Audio system - stainberg ur22mk2

Super. Sorted. Thank you very much Martin

Now I just need to switch from mono in 1 to mono in 2 in inspector to be able to record but mono in 2 is not recognising stainberg ur22. What can be done.


What exactly do you mean, please?

Could you attach a screenshot of the Audio Connections > Inputs, please?

Martin I have to leave now. I’ll come back to you later on. Thank you for your help for now