Cubase Dongle Broke Help!

Hi everyone, I have been using Cubase Studio 5 for a while now guys and I have had some issues with the dongle not working and I knew one day it was gonna brake somehow so…just a few days ago I was pulling it out of the USB slot to put it away and turn my PC off then it suddenly pulled apart, the USB metal thingy (don’t know the correct term :slight_smile: ) disattached it self from the actual USB. So long story short I never registered the License key and cannot find my original Activation Key, I however bought yesterday a new eLicenser key from Guitar Center and I don’t know what do basically do now. I tryed going on my MySteinberg account and requesting a new key but they don’t support Cubase Studio 5 so I am stuck atm and need help!

P.S. My account only allowed me to post in this forum sorry :S

Please reply and answer me ASAP I have to use Cubase soon to do a project for someone!!!

You better had registered your key, before it broke, or you had transferred your license, before you pulled the key out of the computer and broke it…
The new key won´t help you at all, if your old one isn´t working anymore to transfer the license.
Apart from this, you´re in a the user forum. This one is a case for Steinberg support.

I have a few questions guys:

  1. Do I even need the eLicenser key I bought at all?
  2. Someone at Guitar Center told me that if I put an Activation on it I can’t return it is that true? and if so how can I remove it.
  3. Since I didin’t register anything or save any activation keys what do you think Steinberg can do about this, would I have to purchase Cubase again?
  4. Lastly, is there anyway to find an activation key for Cubase Studio 5 and put it on my eLicenser and would that work?

Please guys answer my questions ASAP!

Thanks for the help so far!

You need to ask Steinberg support these questions, mate.

Everyone in the forum can speculate, but only Steinberg can give you real answers. Be sure to present your case, with as much information and proof as possible.

If your old one is broken, and you wnt to use CS 5 again, then yes you need a new key. If Steinberg supplies you with a new license, then you put that on the new key. If you have to purchase the software again, you also need a key.

Well, if they told you so…

Probably you´ll have to send them the broken key, so they can verify the key number and check which licenses were on it, before it broke. But as Elektrobolt said - this is speculation. Steinberg support will tell you what to do.

No, at least not legally
Other than that, as said already contact Steinberg support. .