Cubase don't close properly

Almost every time I close Cubase (I’m working currently with 10.5, but it has happened with every version since 9) it doesn’t close well.

Sometimes, it takes too long to close. But finally, like 10 minutes after I close the session, it closes properly.

Most of the times, however, it “freezes” once has closed the project and then I have to force-close it (now the Cubase failsafe option appears everytime I start it again).

Why does this happen?

I’m in Windows 10 64 bit. i7 8700K 3GHz 64 gb ram. I normaly use an orchestral virtual instrument template.

It’s usually a third party plugin that doesn’t close properly. Create a memory dump from the Windows Task Manager when this happens, and use something like WinDBG to read it, so you know which plugin causes the issue.

Thank you, I’ll try next time.