Cubase-Dorico Halion Symphonic Orch not working

Hello everyone, I use Dorico and Cubase. One of the things I really appreciate is being able to use Halion Symphonic with Cubase.
But I updated to the new Dorico a couple of weeks back and now Halion Symphonic won’t play in Cubase. When I clicked on the instrument channels, I found the message “License Missing!” Voila

Does anyone know what is going on here and how I can get my HSO license working in Cubase again?

That looks like an older version of HSSE - as a first step you might want to try updating to 3.5.10.

Hello Richard. Thanks for this helpful note. I went to the update page for HSO (?HSSE) here

There are options to update. But there is no mention of 3.5.10 which you speak about. It’s Is this the same thing?

HSO is the name for the set of orchestral samples, but HSSE is the sample player plugin that uses them, and it is this that also checks the licensing. (At one point there was a separate HSO plugin, but that has not been used for some time.) The easiest way to download this is to run the Steinberg Download Assistant and look for HSSE 3.5.10 in the Dorico listing.

Hello Richard, thanks for the v. helpful advice. All is working now.
Also, now I know the difference between HSO and HSSE. :slight_smile:
Best wishes and God bless for a happy day