Cubase/Dorico integration?

Dear Dorico/Cubase team,
I would appreciate if you take this in consideration: An integration of Dorico with Cubase.
Reasonable advantages of such integration:

  1. It would increase sales of Dorico for Cubase users and Cubase sales for Dorico users…
  2. It would match and surpass DAW competitors (such as Logic X) that has a much better looking integrated score editors compare to that of Cubase.
  3. It would create an ultimate (and desirable) workshop for composers who (want to) use scoring, audio recording and midi sequencing (with external gear) under one umbrella.
  4. Steinberg would stand out instead of providing a mere alternative to current systems.

I hope this idea would spark an interest especially as it would generate a whole lot more buzz for Steinberg. I am willing to help out if any interest. I’m using OSX.

Vlado Mudrak

Vlado, you’ll save yourself time and effort if you search the forum for existing threads before you start typing :wink:

Try any of these:

Thanks a lot! I’ve tried to search for that but had no results!

well… after reading those forums I only wish I am Steinberg’s CEO so this thing will happen before I am retired. Ridiculous. Seriously - if anyone claims Cubase score editor is great - I believe he or she had never chance to work in a proper scoring editor and is stuck some delusion…