It would be awesome, revolutionary, to “Steinberg bundle” the software.
So people who are heavy “cubasers”, could get a bundle with a “lite Dorico” (Essentials).Dorico fans could get a Dorico pro, bundled with a lite Cubase and so on…
What is the use of the “normal, outdated, notation editor” in Cubase, compared to the revolutionary Dorico.
And Dorico could never match the Cubase, play (and other) functions. Add to that the versatility of Cubase in terms of sounds and plugins.
Imagine working out of Cubase, which has Dorico integrated into it, and vice-versa.
Add to that in the future: notation and audio scan…and if you guys make it, a real import function from Sibelius and Finale…well then…Steinberg would be, the undisputed King.
Just my 2 cents.
All the best, and congratulations on Dorico.

Have you ever tried creating a quarter-tone piece in Cubase? :smiling_imp:

Correct, but if you had in Cubase, Dorico incorporated, instead of the notation editor of Cubase…that is what I meant brother…

As things stand, Cubase and Dorico are developed in two different countries. If Brexit goes ahead, Cubase and Dorico will be developed on two different continents.

Let’s let the Dorico developers focus on the job in hand, first…

Every time we export music from Dorico to Cubase, the EU will assess a tariff of 34 euros.

No problem - The UK won’t recognise the euro as a valid currency after Brexit :wink:

And, to boot, inbreeding was never encouraged on either continent …