Cubase Downgrade

Hello all,

I purchased Cubase 9, have to bridge some of my old plugins to use it, but they were reinitialized to their factory settings (and sound now crap).

I uninstalled 8.5 like I do at every update but this time I needed it.

Would it be possible to have the Cubase 8.5 complete installation download link (for Mac and PC) please, so I could save the plugin presets I use on my projects ?




Hello Lionel,

I’m going to PM a download link for 8.5.

Are you using jBridge? If yes, did you bridge them using the .64 extension? What happens if you re-run jBridger (please, make sure to move the .64 files prior to this) and tick the option to not use it?

I did this and was able to open an old project with a couple x86 VSTi and the settings were recalled correctly by the jBridged version.


Thanks for the download links and the fast answer !

I tried your option and it works perfectly !

Btw, jBridge is not stable on Mac so I will need the 8.5 Mac Version.

Thanks a lot,