Cubase Download Access Code already in use

A couple of days ago, I purchased Cubase Pro 11 update from the official Steinberg website. But when i try to use Download Access Code it says “This Download Access Code has already been used by another user.”

I tried from both MySteinberg and Steinberg Download center. Same

Can anyone help me?

Hi and welcome to the forum,

The only one who can help us official Steinberg support in this case. Rise the support ticket, please.


That was my first thought too, unfortunately, I can’t find where to submit support ticket. I’m from Turkey, so I can’t use mysteinberg for submitting tickets.

It sends me to my local distributor which doesn’t have any place to submit a ticket or email information. I purchased this from the official global steinberg website, so it doesn’t make sense anyway.


Your contact is here:

Hi all,
I bought Steinberg UR22mkII Value Edition in Amazon.
I’m having the same problem trying to register the CUASE AI, using the Download Access Code provided:
“This Download Access Code has already been used by another user.”

I’ve opened a ticket to Steinberg support last Dec, 11th, but I’m still waiting for response:
Ticket ID: #597787

I’ve been talking to Amazon support… someone bought the Steinberg UR22mkII device, used the Download Access Code and returned the product.

Amazon can send me another UR22mkII Value Edition whole pack, but the devide works perfectly…
I only need a new valid download access code.

I’ll be great if someone could help me with this.

Thanks in advance.