Cubase download assistant

Bought cubase 10 , when using the download assistant and finish the dowload of the installer, nothing appears on the pc (21 gigas) and no dowloader. The firewall? antivirus?
windows 7


Are you saying the Download Assistant disappeared from your computer? If not the Assistant should tell you the current status of the download and when that is finished offer to install.

no , nothing appears on the c drive. Ive donwload it to another drive and it worked.
But now the setup crashes. (another problem right now)

Humm, I think you are going to need to provide a lot more detail for anyone to even begin to speculate about what might be going on. If you tried downloading to your C: drive and the downloaded file doesn’t exist that implies a download never happened.

Hey rodger.

The download is fixed.

Now i have the setup crash problem. According to the info is the kernelbase.dll error .

Nombre del evento de problema: APPCRASH
Nombre de la aplicación: Setup.exe_Setup
Versión de la aplicación:
Marca de tiempo de la aplicación: 5cae0a3a
Nombre del módulo con errores: KERNELBASE.dll

I´ve tried several things , like run as adm, start in secure mode, run sfc/scan command, check for updates , malware.

Not working yet.


i had the exact same problem but solved it the other night. for me the problem was that i hadnt updated win7 as well as i thought even though i had updated, hell you can almost say upgraded with LOTS of stuff. but anyway what made the final trick for me was to update .net framework to version 4.7.2. after that there was no problem running the update-file (or in your case then the setup.exe-file). and also besides that be very careful to do a hardcore research that you have really updated everything. thats the trick. but begin with the .net-framework, maybe its like for you as it were for me, the missing piece.

good luck and dont hessitate to ask if there is anything you want to know or if that bugger still wont work after this magic trick :smiley:

cheers :smiley:

YESSS it worked !! THANKS!
After two days of trying things, NETframework indeed.

ok very nice to hear that. i tried to answer a day further ago but had some trouble with the admins because im new to the forum and dont really know my way around this specific forum yet. i had a lot to do, as always, and since im a swede i think i answred in swedish HA! HA! the admins interperated that as spam. thank you very much for that i say he! he!

butseriously, i thought that it may work and im glad that it did :smiley: i recognised in the error-data that it was the same type of error and the same dll-file at fault. i think i at least spent something like 4 days on this shit. and then you have to add in all the other things i have done to be able to install and run, and finally now for me update cubase 10. just because you want to run it on an now “older” os. i think its to complicated and you can really question why you really should have the latest operating system and so on all the time just to be able to run your software without any fuzz. and cubae is the only of all the software on my music-computer that behaves like this. say no more.

but again that is details, main point is that you like me are now up and running. so do some great music now :smiley:

but just to be on the safe side and if you havent already done that and again: do a thorough research on what is the latest version of things like c++ undistributed, the instaler program, the license-program and maybe other updates to the os.

good luck :smiley:

After install Download Assistant, Downloading Cubase continues in a Loop. Forever download. When at 100%, I get error it starts afresh. Tried it three times and I have given up. There should be alternative download options. I can’t even use what I purchased. Very very disappointing.

okmedia: ok if i got it right the download program fetches cubase up to 100% and then gives you an error and then starts over and continues like that? hmmm very strange. i personally think that this whole business with downloading, and installing cubase and so forth is way to complicated. sure a daw can be an demanding beast but this is ridiculous. i updated so much and had to do so much just to be able to run and in the future update cubase.

i have many, many other programs om my music computer and none of them is this demanding or generate this much trouble. i find that to say the least very strange.

but anyway i hope someone else reads this and can be able to help you okmedia because i have not the faintest idea what it can be. probably another update/upgrade or some tweaking/settings or the like. same ol story.

anyway good luck to you :smiley: