Cubase download gone from my account

Hi guys

I had a recording session last Friday at my wife’s school. Took the dongle and lappy. Everything great. had to go back today to finish up and I’ve lost my dongle.

I rushed home to get a spare, went back and tried to transfer the license. In the panic of trying to get all this to work, my Cubase 9 has vanished from my Cubase account. I don’t know if you can remove software, but it’s gone and now I’m really panicking…

I can still download Cubase 9 but no software shows in My Stienberg. When I try to activate I get this message

Your eLicenser with the number 1401410 7101E0 was successfully registered.
Currently, there is no valid Steinberg product license found on this eLicenser.

UPDATE*** received new activation code, Opened up Licence center and added code. Now I get the message “activation code already used”

see screen shot

What to do?

Hopefully the “Steinberg Zero downtime” process will work for you:

Regards :sunglasses:

Which license? If you lost your dongle, you do no longer have a license to transfer.

Where from did you receive an activation code?