Cubase download site

The Cubase download site kicking me back to internet search screen. Anyone had this problem.

What URL did you enter?

Steinberg Cubase Downloads

., Support, Download, unsupported products, Groove agent1.
When I selected Groove Agent 1 I got redirected to the internet.

Just tried IT and I can get the Download without issues.
Have you tried a different Browser and, in case you have Extensions, did you disable any ad blocker or similar Software?

It’s on an ftp server.

It says right below the download menu

:warning: Older files are provided via FTP, which is no longer supported by current browsers.

However, links beginning with can still be accessed via Windows Explorer, the macOS Finder or with an FTP client such as Filezilla or Cyberduck (both free).

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Thanks for everyone’s help.