Cubase drag MIDI to desktop not working

I used to be able to select any MIDI file (even a short MIDI section) in a Cubase project and simply drag it to my Windows 10 desktop in order to use it elsewhere. I just updated from Cubase 10.5 to 10.5.3, and now this no longer works. Instead, it forces me to create a new Cubase project in order to house the single MIDI file, which is useless to me. I hope the update didn’t actually get rid of this capability. What is the problem? Is there a setting I can change to resolve this? Anyone know?

That should work just like you expect.

Could you please post some screenshots of this happening. Windows Snip & Sketch works well for this.

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Dragging to desktop still works here. (Although I have Cubase 11 & 12 installed, not 10.)

Are you running Cubase as Administrator, by chance? Doing this can break drag&drop behavior.

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I just went to get a screenshot, but it actually works fine now. If anyone comes across this thread with the same problem, I suspect that it resolved itself after I resaved the project for the first time after the update.

Also, for the record, I wasn’t running it as administer. I did check that it wasn’t set to do so by default yesterday when I was still having the problem.

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