Cubase Dropouts, only at EXPORT audio file!


I have a problem with the fact that I have crackling and dropouts, only from an exported file.
When I play the music (made with VST’s) within Cubase, nothing seems to be wrong. Everything is smooth without any problems. But when I export the audio (audio mixdown) and listening to the audio file that I exported, there are cracklings and outdrops everywhere! (no difference between fast and real-time export)

The RME HDSP 9632 is set to ADAT ouput that goes through the input of my Kenwood RA-5000, the cable that connect my RME to Kenwood is a Optical Digital Fiber cable

Cubase version
Cubase 6 Artist version 6.0.5 64bit

Windows 7 professional 64bit

AMD phenom II x6 1100T 3.3ghz

RAM memory
G.Skill Ripjaws 16GB DDR3 1333mhz


Sound card
RME HDSP 9632 driver version 3.27

Graphics Card
Zotac GTX 580 amp2! edition

MIDI device
M-audio prokeys 88


RME HDSP 9632 Settings:

Cubase 6 Artist Settings:

I tried to export the file with 24 bit depth and 32-float and neither didn’t have impact on the cracklings and dropouts. And as you can see I did change the buffer size of the ASIO to 4096 samples, and that has also no impact on the problem.

I have this problem for approximately 6 months, If someone have a solution than please help me out…

Have you tried to export in real-time mode?
Your setting seemed to be ok. One thing: Activating Steinberg Audio Power Scheme may have some positive effect on you computer’s performance.

I tried to export with Real-time mode 44.1 sample rate and 32-float depth ( and already tried 24 depth )
and turned the “Steinberg Audio Power Scheme” on.

The result was that the crackling and dropout are still there on the same place, but less volume in sound.
I tried to export the file to wav, wav64, oggvorbis, MPGE 1 layer 3. And they didn’t solve the problem as well.

Are the crackles and pops in the EXACT same places each time you export? If so, is there anything in common with each of those locations? For example, a particular sound or effect being used in those locations?

Yeah, they are in the exact same place each time, I’ve exported the project more than 20 times, and the crackling are always on the same place. But the strange part of this is, that I don’t hear any crackling and dropouts in Cubase itself, only the exported file.

No, not really. there are VST’s that just play from the beginning and the crackling only occur after a minute or so, or a few seconds. Other projects with the Same VST’s also have this problem though, but on other moments that the crackling occurs.

Each project have his own crackling and dropouts on their same place.

project 1 will start crackling on 0:52
project 2 will start crackling 1:10

But the time when it occurs will never change, it always remain on the same spot.

The only thing I can suggest is to try removing tracks to see if you can isolate a particular VSTi or sound patch. Try a very basic “test” project with a single piano sound or something. I have had projects before where, on the exported song, a single “pop” appeared right as an audio track had it’s first audio event and those “pops” did not appear when playing realtime. The way I got around it was by automating the volume of the track to come up just after the start of the event. It doesn’t seem like your problem is with audio tracks though.

do you use bfd2? it has a special offline mode for rendering. maybe some of your other plugins have a similar thing.