Cubase dropouts with Asio Guard + Rewire

I’ve been having a problem where if I rewire Cubase + Ableton and try and record via export track in Cubase there are drop outs for the first few seconds of the track if I have ‘Asio Guard’ enabled. It works ok without Asio Guard enabled but there are big spike on the performance meter. I’ve tried everything from disabling ‘Hyperthreading’ to changing various setting in the asio panel but the problem still persist. Everything was fine in Cubase 7.5 so I’m not sure what the problem is…any ideas?

Hi, I was able to get Live 8 Rewire to work nicely with Cubase 8.0.5 and C7.5. , with Live as slave after solving the following problem:
( Ableton Live 9 crashes on setting it up most of the time, when creating a new live set. I gave that up for now)

I was able to set everything up as explained in the manual and experiment a bit, most things worked, except for
when I send midi from Cubase to instruments in Ableton that would return their audio to a Cubase bus. This would give crackling and cut off attacks of sounds and gappy sound.

The solution for me was: In the Live channel, set monitor to In or set the channel record button to on.

Another previous solution to this was: Make a midi part in Ableton in the arrangement that plays what you want. It syncs sample accurate.

Hi Jay,
many thanks for the suggestion…I’ll give that a try. In regards to the drop-outs I’ve resorted to not using ‘Asio Guard’ anymore and the rewire export works perfectly now.

Many thanks.

hmmm.Having this now with cubase 9.5 and any rewire slave… If i render it it’s just a crackled mess…

Any idea why this is so?

Ok just realised Logic is the same…

I can’t offline render rewire properly unless i put my audio buffer to 512 or even better 1024… that’s what’s going on.

Furthermore weird things are happening when I do that, like, the rewire is getting affected by the buffer size which should not be happening. Rewire is supposed to be sample accurate sync regardless of buffer.

If i put buffer at 1024 i can hear rewire slave playing 1024 samples late… This is not good.

Work around for now seems to be to set buffer at 64 and render rewire in realtime through export option. (solo rewire channels one by one).

Any other workaround please help a fella out :slight_smile: