Cubase dropping MIDI messages on 12.0.30

I’m seeing sporadic missing MIDI messages in Cubase Pro 12.0.30. I’ve seen both note-on and note-off messages be independently dropped. At first, I thought maybe my controller wasn’t sending the messages, but I used MIDI-Ox and LoopMIDI to have Cubase only access the virtual ports, and MIDI-Ox map the virtual ports to physical ports. I can clearly see in MIDI-Ox that the events are coming in from the hardware and being re-routed to Cubase. But Cubase is somehow dropping them.

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I removed all the MIDI remote devices (which were spontaneously disconnecting, see my other post on that), and that appears to have resolved the dropped MIDI messages; at least, I haven’t witnessed any dropped MIDI messages since then. Fingers crossed.