Cubase drops my M-Audio Fast Track Pro Driver

When I’m using Cubase, it randomly drops my fast track pro driver sometimes. It didn’t used to do this. Maybe I should roll back to an older driver version?

Also, I’m getting a bit of latency when using the stock desser even when turned off, compared to almost no latency when this plugin is not loaded into an insert. Is this normal?

Hi, i´m using the Fast Track Ultra. What i can say is, that i am using the old driver (don´t know wich version because im not sitting in the studio now, but i think it´s 6.08). The actually newest 64 Bit Driver for my Fast Track doesnt work for me. Much much more Latency then my old one and unbelivable Audio Drop-Outs. So for me it´s better to use the old driver. Maybe you should really testing to go back to an old driver that works well for you. M-Audio (AVID) doesn´t have the best Quality of Driver, that´s a great Problem. They are ok, but not really good. But that does´t surprise me, because AVID!!! So, try out the old driver.


Thank you for the help :slight_smile: