Cubase drops out of record when crossing monitors

I have a MacBook Pro and a second monitor connected by USBC->HDMI. If I am recording midi and move my mouse to the second screen, eg to move a VST parameter on a synth or adjust a mixer element, or with to a different application (eg Open Stage Control) while recording MIDI, Cubase drops out of record. There is no audio dropout. Is this a buffer issue or some other preference?


Do you mean the Record button switched off, on the transport bar? Or the MIDI Tracks’ Record Enable switches off? Or how does it look like, please?

Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?

The record button switches off and play continues
I’ll try safe start mode later tonight or tomorrow AM.

Note I’m using Vienna server and Open Studio control but the behaviour occurs with cubase alone as well. It’s almost like moving the mouse across the screen boundary to the second monitor triggers something


Could you try in an empty project, with only one MIDI track, please?

Do you record in the Project window or to the editor, please?

Is the focus still in Cubase, or does it switch out to other application by any chance?

I will try to reproduce it here too on my Mac (btw, what macOS version do you use?). How is your screen setup, please? Is the other screen on top/left/right/bottom?

The symptom doesn’t correspond 100%, but is this due to having Release Driver When Application is in Background checked?

Its not the driver releasing. I think its related to background applications, because if I restart the machine and only run cubase I can’t reproduce the problem. The use case is using large orchestral template in Vienna Ensemble Pro and Marco di Stefano’s “Flow” in open stage control. With only these applications, and minimal Kontakt instances actually loaded, its ok but the more I have going on the the record button in the transport goes off when crossing the screen boundary (to the left), or switching to the Flow window, so its clearly a CPU spike when I do that. I’m asking a lot of my MacBookPro, and there is an M1 Lappy on the horizon. Current setup is 2017 MacBook Pro with 16G, running Big Sur. I record into the project window and keep as much closed as I can.