Cubase drum editor versus the piano roll

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So,I have been playing around with Cubase since June, when I joined the Cubase family. And often wondered how to use the drum editor,while using my stock of Kontakt drum libraries.

Currently working on something,using Soundiron Apocalypse Percussion Ensemble and such.And usually, I would write in the notes via the piano roll (as I had done before in my other DAWS)
Out of curiosity,would it be easier to carry on using the piano roll? Or the drum editor? I have had a look at the manual,but can’t make sense of it all.

Any advice of course,is appreciated


The advantage of the Drum Editor is you can directly see the names of the dedicated sounds on the left side, so you don’t have to remember them. Instead of the keyboard on the left side, there is the list of the names.

Thanks Martin
So in my case,I would have to set up different drum maps,according to whatever is loaded in Kontakt,in this instance Apocalypse Percussion Elements?

Another advantage is that you can route to multiple different instruments within one drum track and you can do things like having one input pitch be routed to changing output pitches so you can have something like a battery instance with several snare sounds and just navigate between the sounds without having to change the input note.

Also you don’t really need to decide on one or the other.You can open it in the Drum Editor and then later use the Key Editor (of course it defaults to one editor or the other so you need to specifically select the non-default). Heck you can have have them both open at the same time and jump between them. The Key editor also shows the names of your drums if the track has a Drum Map. But it doesn’t put the names on the keyboard, instead it is on each note - however you need to make sure your vertical zoom is big enough to show the text of the names.

Thanks Raino for the advice
Really appreciated :smiley: