Cubase Dynamics Mapping And VSL

Now that I’m up and running with creating my own custom Cubase Expression Maps for VSL, I notice that along with Articulations listed in the Cubase Key Editor there is a separated area for Dynamics mapping. I’m guessing from what I’ve seen on YouTube these were primarily for Steinberg’s Halion, but has anyone successfully attempted to implement them for VSL? Or are they just not granular enough to achieve satisfactory results compared to live or “painted” continuous controller data?

I’ve tried. But, as you mention, I find adjusting, scaling, tweaking, etc. velocity data in the controller lanes to be much more effective - and accurate.

Of course, the only way I’ve used then is to scale velocity events - which they do in selectable percentages.

I could be missing some better way to use them - And I’d love to hear about it.


PS Used with VEP5 and Play4.