Cubase Edit Instrument Tab

When I click on the edit instrument tab on the track, some of the vst’s appear and some don’t. For example, some of the synths appear and some do not. This has started happening recently thought Cubase 13 would fix it, but no deal. Any ideas as to what is causing this to happen makes dome of my plugins useless to work with, very frustrating.

I think you’re going to need to be a lot more specific before anyone can offer any real advice. Which VSTi’s do and don’t open?

All of them should appear, otherwise how do you manipulate them? To give an Instance, Serum does not make an appearance when summoned.

OK. so Serum doesn’t work as expected. Folks here are generally going to look for a pattern to figure out what is causing the issue. The fewer details you provide the less likely anyone can figure out what’s going on. So if you can list some examples that always work and some that never work perhaps we’ll spot a pattern.

Right now my only guess, and it is totally a guess, is that you have a custom collection for your plug-ins and you never added the problem plugs to the collection.

There are several plugins that do not work, Serum, Addictive Drums 2 (Addicitive Drums 1 works), Addictive Keys, Diva, etc etc.
When I open another DAW, (Studio One) there are no issues, everything opens correctly

What exactly do you mean “do not work”?
Can you see them in the Plug-in Manager or not?
If so can you load it onto a an Instrument Track or not?
If so can you open it’s interface?

You need to provide a specific description of what actions you are taking, what happens when you take that action and how are those results different that what you expected.

Folks here can’t help you unless you provide them enough info to do so. A generic “doesn’t work” literally doesn’t work.

I have dealt with the matter, no further assistance required.


Care to share what you found for future readers?