Cubase Editing Length of Sample


I’ve recently been using Cubase to see all its features and to pick my main DAW. One thing I have noticed that I can’t figure out, is to stretch the end length of a sample in the arrangement view.

Example: I placed a kick in the arrangement view, but the sample ends at 1.1.3 and I want to stretch the end of the kick file to 1.2.1. How can I do this without time stretching the whole sample? How can I leave a gap at the end of the kick to make it go to 1.2.1 without pressing the time warp?


Use Audio>Events To Part

Audio Parts are like containers that can hold 1 or more Audio Events. Resizing the Part will not stretch the Audio in it.

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One way of achieving that is to use the “Events to Part” command, which should be visible upon right-clicking the sample in the project timeline. – Can also be done via key command.

Parts (unlike Events) can be lengthened.


Thanks! I’m just pretty new to Cubase and its commands. But it works!

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