[Cubase El 9.5.3] Double/overlapping midi notes issue [Solved]

[Solved] Funny how those things work. So in midi input options there were two inputs for Roland selected: System 1 and System 1 CTRL, and turned off one of them, and no problem at all anymore. Even notes don’t double on copying.


I have a couple of problems:

  • when I record midi using my Roland System 1, I get not one, but two notes, one on top of another
  • When I copy/paste or duplicate, possibly when i move item around, I’ll get two notes: one extremely short and normal one after it

Delete doubles seams to work when there are notes overlapping, but not when there are any super short notes in front of normal notes. And those happen when moving items even, just by themselves ( ie I’ll clean the item from all short notes, move it an new short notes appear ) any idea how to solve this?