cubase el8 "Right Click" tools menu Resized

hi , my “Right Click” icon resized and It has been dimmed ,
pic Attached :unamused:


Sorry I don’t understand your “right-click icon”. If you right-click in the Project window, you should get a drop-down menu or the menu with all Tools available. Is it this one? To me it seems the Zoom Tool is selected.

when i select any tool from right-click tools , like zoom,erase,split or … Their icons are very small .
i dont know what happend , i even reinstalled cubase but still It’s the same

I see, now I understand it.

Are you on Mac or Windows? How many screens do you use? What is the screen resolution? Do you use any scaling of your screen?

Could you try in Safe Start Mode?

i use windows , 1 screen , 4k screen 3840x2160 , Everything was fine and Just two days the icons small

Maybe a Windows update…

Could you try the Safe Start Mode, please?

Yes i updated windows recently
i try safe mode and tell you , tnx man :sunglasses:

Or reinstall Cubase to get a proper settings with the installation.