Cubase Element 11 bought in February but impossible to update for free

Hi Cubase guys !

I bought Cubase Element 11 in February 2022 and impossible to update to Cubase Element 12 for free (grace period).

I used the Elicencer Control Center to do this but no way. I stay with Element 11.

And I have not Element 12 update in the Steinberg Download Assistant.

What can I do in this situation ?

Thank you for your support.


Open Steinberg Activation Manager (which will have been installed on your system by Steinberg Download Assistant). Log in to your My Steinberg account if asked. Click the ‘person’ icon in the top right of the window and choose “Grace Period Check…”.

You might find it impossible to complete the process at the moment because of the high load on the old eLicenser server. Keep trying - it will work eventually.

Thank you @David_W .
I did it but I have no product in the list ! No licenses found in the Steinberg Activation Manager. Yet, I have my Element 11 licence in the ELicenser Control Center.