Cubase Element 12.0.6 update disaster

Here’s the dilemma I’m dealing with. I’m hoping that the PNF file that I’ve uploaded here will be viewable. Otherwise, the following is a chronological description of it:

  1. I began a project that will be due next week. In the meantime, I’ve learned that there’s an update (12.0.60) for the Cubase Element version that I’ve installed on my iMac Pro (12.0.52). I’ve decided to perform the update before I began the project.

  2. As well, I’ve downloaded and installed the updates for “The Grand 3” and “Padshop”.

  3. I had no issue with previous version 12.0.52.

  4. As I opened 12.0.60, it was stuck at the splash screen after loading a number of plugins. It was just frozen. I “Force Quit” the process. I re-opened it in safe mode. A pop-up appeared with message “The application has been terminated unexpectedly”. Beneath the message were the usual options of the Safe Mode. I selected “Disable all 3rd party plugins” option.

  5. I opened a .*.cpr file and the following error messages appeared (see image 01). Basically saying that all the plugins that I’ve previously loaded in the file “could not be found for instrument track”.

  6. I opened VST Plug-in Manager. Except “HALion Sonic SE” and “Prologue” were loaded (see image 02). The rest of the plugins were not loaded. In the path setting below, there were no indication of any path.

  7. I checked System Component Information dialogue box (see image 03). “VST 2.x Plug-In Manager” was “unchecked”. If I checked it, Cubase Element would hang and I had to force-quit the application.

  8. I downloaded and installed Cubase 11.0.40 and I had no problem opening it. However, some of the *.cpr files that I’ve created with 12.0.60 could not be opened. I supposed that this is a file-downgrading issue.

  9. I opened VST Plug-in Manager in 11.0.40 and all the plug-ins were there (see image 04).

  10. As a sanity check, I still have the older version of the application tugged away in my hard disk (v10.5). I opened it and it was loaded with all the plug-in as well.

What have I installed incorrectly? What new component of v12.0.60 that could hinder the loading process of the application? Was there anything else that I should have done after I’ve updated my Cubase Element to v12.0.60 in order to have it working properly?

Please help! Anyone…
Thank you

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Cubase doesn’t support VST2 plug-ins on the M professors, when running natively. It would need to run in Rosetta.

This component should not be there. Please, remove the path to the component.

Thank you very much for your reply Martin. However, aside from VST2.x Plug-In Manager, I have no clue on what you were referring to as “M professors” and “Rosetta”. As well, removing the path to the component. Thus, where do I find the specific interface/utility/menu item that will lead me to removing the path pointing to VST2.x Plug-In Manager? Once I’ve removed that path, my problem should be solved, correct?


I mean current Apple Silicon processors.

This is Apple simulation to run applications worn for Intel processors on the Silicon processors.

My iMac Pro has the intel chip.


You should see all plug-ins, if you don’t: