Cubase element 12 trial download

Hi, looking for a download link of
element 12 trial on steinberg website, but
can’t find any, only cubase 12 pro trial.

I use element 8, which dosent work very
well on window 10 (21H1).

In the steinberg download assistent, there is all
12 versions listet, but it properly requires a bought license.

My element 8, which i bought long time ago, is on
a usb elicenser, so i can upgrade for a less price, even
artist, which ofcourse cost more.

The question here is, can i download element 12
from steinberg download asistent,
without a license, what would happen, if i install cubase element 12, would it ask for license, and if it dosent find a license, maybe
element 12, act as a trial for 30 days ?!!.

If there isnt any element trial, i can allways try the pro version!.

Allso, i dont know if version 12 is a bit bugy, well , if you buy lastest element version or artist, you have right to use and download version 7-8-10-11-12, its a win win situation, i guess.

I’m using Elements 11 and it is very stable. I wouldn’t entertain upgrading to v12 until they sort all the bugs out.