Cubase element 12 trial

Hi, long time, since visting the steinberg forum.

Just bought a new pc (selfbuild),

I am using the cubase element 8, but the

cubase element 8 seems not to work efficient

on windows 10, i mean , what can you expect for a daw 5-6 years old , plus cubase element 8 is not really compatible with windows 10, even thought i have been tested it with windows 10, and it was actually ok, i am

thinking about upgrading to cubase element 12/ perhaps artist 12.

Allmost all my bought vst instrument is on dongle (halion 6, cubase element 8, etc),

but before i do upgrade cubase , i would like to try out the element 12 / artist for 30 days, but does the new steinberg new license system conflict with the elicenser usb dongle ???.

I really want to try out the cubase before i buy, hope the trial will give me a 100% version with no limits?.

After 30 days, i will delete the trial and buy cubase upgrade , hope there wont be any conflicting license issues etc?…

pc spec:

Core i7, 11700K 3.6ghz

32 gb ddr4 ram

2tb ssmsung evo ssd.

windows 10.

audio interface : (going to buy SSL2 plus audio


old soundcard : tc electronic impact twin



halion 6, omnisphere 2.6, superior drummer 2/3, ezkeys, korg mono

-poly,m1, wavestation vst, ql space, ql string gold, fm tines 2.


No, it doesn’t.

Exactly this is what you’ll get.