cubase element 8 and reason 8 rewire

is possible to record audio from reason rewir into a audio track in cubase elemnt?
the same for midi

i try to route a fx channel to an audio track but is impossible to do,i miss something or is a limitation of element?



This is possible in Cubase Pro only. In Cubase Pro you can route any output as an Input of any Audio track. So you could route the Output of the ReWire Channel to the Input of an Audio Track. Or you could use the Batch Export to get it as a track (also Cubase Pro only).

Sorry, not in Elements.

thank for reply

(i remember i do that with pro but i don’t image about this element limitation)

maybe ,is possible to route audio with jack or soundflower to emulate a second input ?



Yes, of course. With some 3rd party utilities, it’s possible to make a virtual cable, and route it.

thank you very much ,i will try