cubase element 8 license upgrade failed solved


some time ago, i was helping
my sister , recover here lost usb elicenser key and using the steinberg zero downtime rescue options, which we
used. As mentioned in another post on this forum, every thing was sucess, here cubase element 6 is working perfect, steinberg did send here a new activations code, which we activated and downloaded the cubase element 6
license perferctly.
Now my sister would like to upgrade to
cubase element 8, because she is
running windows 7 pro 64bit.
Unfortunately steinberg dosen’t offer
cubase element 8 anymore.
But i have the cubase element full
installer, and i was installing the files on
my sister’s computer, then the only
thing missing is to buy a cubase element
upgrade 10.5 license , which my sister
This time i was installing the new version
of elicenser control center, restarting
the pc, then running the elicenser
control center, let the control center do it’s maintance control.
Once the maintance control is finish,
i did click enter activations code from
the bought cubase element 10.5.
Now here every thing is going wrong.
Elicenser control center is reporting
“license upgrade, the activations code
has been used once to download or
upgrade a license.
Please contact your software vendor to
get a valid activations code.
upgrade failed”.
We didnt download any license code,
yet, once i type in the activationcode,
and press ok button, this error message
is appearing.
i did try one more time to type in the
activationscode in elicenser control
center, no luck.
I just throwing my money out of the window.
Please help.

Atleast my old sisters cubase element 6,
is working including here plugins, pew.
this elicenser give me lots of stress.

ohh my god,this It is embarrassing.
I did put the wrong activations code in
elicenser control center.
I found the right one, and did type in
the activations code, and sucessfullly
downloaded and activated the cubase element
10.5 license.
My mistake, i am so sorry.
cubase element 8 is staring perfect!