Cubase Element 8 Vs Ableton Lite 9 Intro

So, I have around 100 - 150 $…
I am recording and mixing mainly.
I’ve been working so far with ableton so I am more used to it.
I have now and option: Buying ableton live 9 intro (which has i’ts limitations) or cubase element 8 (which has i’ts own limitations).
I looked so far at the number of tracks I am limited to use in both of the software.
But the things that also concurs me is the external VSTs.
I use many plugins such as EZDrummer, Massive, Nexux2 and more.
If i get cubase element 8, would I be able to use them?
What’s better between them?

I can’t answer your questions regarding the comparisons between Ableton and Cubase, but you can be sure Cubase Elements 8 will run all your external VST instruments!