Cubase Element 9 or Logic?

Hi all,
I have been producing rap beats for over a year now and I am looking to step up my game. Having a Mac, FL Studio was not my first option so now I am trying to decide between Cubase and Logic. Yes, Logic is more expensive and I’ve heard great things about Cubase but here are my concerns.
1.) Does Cubase allow for drum sampling? For example, say I want to have a snare roll that goes from a high pitch to a low pitch, does Cubase allow for that?
2.) Tape Stop. Is there any built in feature similar to GrossBeat? I’m looking for the ability to create that wind down sound at a pause in the song.
3.) Is Cubase good for making beats? I know a lot of electronic/edm producers use Cubase but can I knock out bangers with it for more of a modern day rap sound? Ex. Zaytoven, Metro Boomin’, 808 Mafia etc.
P.S. Regardless of the DAW I decide to purchase I will be getting Nexus so built in instruments is a plus but not a huge issue.
Thanks, any suggestions/advice is much appreciated! :smiley:

Hi and welcome,

Sorry, I’m not programming drums, but…

  1. You can use LoopMash FX plug-in, which is part of Cubase. But it’s not part of Cubase Elements, you would need at least Cubase Artist.

Rap Music? the new Sampler(Track) in Cubase Elements 9 is absolutely great for Loops, Samples and Sounddesign! - an easy and fast tool for your style of music!

Yeah you can do the pitch snare rolls in Cubase with groove agent via automation. But FL studio does it different.

I don’t know, how does FL do it. Would any MIDI Insert help? Like Echo or Arpeggiator? Do you need to send multiple Notes?

Do the multiple notes then go to the snare in GA hit the read\write automation tab. Play the sequence while turning the pitch of the snare backwards or forwards. Turn off the write automation then play back the sequence. You can the press the show automation and make very precise edits to the state’s pitch automation.