Cubase Element 9 - steinberg USB Asio issue

I need help with this Cubase/Steinberg UR44 setup

When I switched on the UR44, connected my guitar … I immediately hears the sound from my guitar
But when I load Cubase 9, my guitar sound disappears!
I can still see the input meter moving when I play my guitar … but I cannot hear any sound.
If I change the ASIO driver (in Device Setup) to Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver … I can hear the guitar sound again.
Switching back to Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO … the guitar input sound disappears again.
The thing is … the signal is there and can be recorded … but not heard

I used to have a UR22 and it works fine, not sure why the UR44 have this problem.
Any advice or comments will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance