Cubase Element stoped reconizing my interface

Hi, when i open my cubase today could not hear anything . ive open studio setup >vst audio system> open driver and i see my Edirol driver is there but when i try to open it says "can ton find device.please connect the device.
Ive try to discconect and connect again , restart and basicly all i know but niothing works ,it still doesnt recognize it. driver of the interface is up to date,it is working on my computer for anyother playback but cubase for some reason does not like it anymore. please help me.
Thank you in advance


I would try to connect the device to other USB port. Or I would reinstall the driver (latest update), making sure to install it s administrator.

ive try everything…nothimg is working…its not the driver of my interface…something happened , imusing this for years now and sudenly i cant anymore.


Can you use ASIO4ALL driver instead?