Cubase Elements 10.0.10. Window state still not preserved.

Hello Devs

Installed the update version 10.0.10 for Cubase Elements today.

1: Restored my preferred window state for a project:

-Mix console open in lower half of main window.

-Channel settings window open below main window.
Restored the channel strip/equalizer subwindow by using this
window’s menu option _ “Reset channel settings window”
The channel settings window disappears and I have to reopen it again (why?)
after which it shows the channel settings window with the correct layout

2: Saved the project.

3: Reloaded the same project,
but the changes/corrections I’ve made were lost, that is:

  • The main window is there, but without the mix console.
    (the main window is not split in two halves either)

  • The Channel window is also present again, however
    yet again without the correct layout, that is
    with the channel strip / equalizer part truncated to half the needed width.

The above steps 1…3 have been repeated several times, even with
quitting and restarting Cubase again in between steps 2 and 3
to get a “clean slate” situation, however all attempts to no avail.

The problem already existed in version 9.5 and was reported accordingly
by some others on this forum.
Alas, It was still present in 10.0 and your update 10.0.10 didn’t resolve this problem either.

Please correct these bugs as soon as possible, it is quite annoying.

I am using Cubase Elements on a MacMini 2012 with latest MacOS.

Thanks for making such a cool DAW, kind regards.


This has been already discussed here on the forum for Cubase 10.0.5. And reported to Steinberg.

And you are right, this has not been fixed in Cubase 10.0.10. It also wasn’t announced as a fixed in the Version History PDF document.