Cubase Elements 10.5 'Hangs' at Intialising Studio manager ?

I am experiencing this problem, with Cubase Elements V 10.5.20.

I open the programme from the task bar icon, and the grey Cubase window appears with various happenings being indicated along the lower edge, until it reaches “Initialising Studio Manager”, at which point it sits for quite some time.

Sometimes it may be hanging for 15 or 20 seconds, other times I give up waiting and use ctrl/alt/del to end the darn thing, before trying again.

I have found this programme to be frustrating, with many little foibles that require ‘special’ attention, but this problem is really annoying.

It has only started happening over the last few days, since a large dollop (tech IT jargon) of Windows 10 automatic updates arrived and installed themselves.

I was just wondering if other folk had similar problems, but obviously not, as the only thread I can find relating to this issue is over 7 years old and relates to a much earlier version.

I have run the programme in Safe Mode, and it works as it should, so I am assuming that there is no problem with any of the drivers.

If anybody could offer any advice, apart from binning the programme, I would be eternally grateful !


Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?

I watched the video, and tried the method described (Ctrl / shift / Alt) but nothing happened ?

I persevered, and eventually a small window, ‘Open Documents Options’ opened, but that was just a list of song tracks ?

I must be doing something wrong ?

Meanwhile I have been scouring the web and the Steinberg manuals for information, and found a reference to ASIO4ALL V2. I installed it and surprisingly things seem to be working OK, … but for how long, I do not know ?


You pressed the Ctrl+Shift+Alt too late. Press it immediately once you double-click Cubase icon, please.

Then it seems, there was a problem with the Audio Driver. Probably Windows update mess it somehow up.

Thanks for that, I’ll try again later today.
One other issue is that I seem to have managed to place this thread in the wrong forum.
This is in LE and AI, and I should have placed it in Elements 10?
Sorry about that, … old age, I guess ?
Does that make any difference to what you have suggested?


No, it’s exactly the same for all Cubase editions.