Cubase Elements 10.5 in two computers

Can i install my Cubase Elements 10.5 in two computers?

Hi and welcome,

You can install it. But by default the license is stored on the Soft-eLicenser. You can move it to other computer only in case of changing the computer (or some component). But you cannot use this software license at multiple computers and switch them.

If you want to do so, buy USB-eLicenser and transfer the license to it. Then you can start Cubase where do you plug the USB-eLicenser in. Be aware, you cannot transfer the license from a USB-eLicenser back to Soft-eLicenser.

Really? My workflow is often like this: recording on laptot, mixing on desktop (usually SW companies allow you to use one licence for that). This is not possible with Steinberg?

Read again what Martin has written. It is possible. It’s just that you can’t run Cubase on both computers simultaneously. Record on your laptop, save your project to a USB stick, or upload to the cloud, and open it on your desktop computer.

You need a USB eLicenser for that though, as Martin has written.