Cubase Elements 10.5 (is there any way to keep using Cubase Elements 10.5 in my updated Mac?

Helo everybody, this is Manuel.
I’m having a problem here: actually I do have a Mac mini (Mojave) that was running my purchased
Cubase Version of Elements 10.5 … now the Mojave System has failed and I had to update the Mac Mini to Monterey macOS 12.16 !
Is there any way I can find and download a Cubase Elements 10.5 version that works with my Mac Mini Monterey macOS 12.16 ? I would really hate to loose my Cubase Elements 10.5 just because system incompatibility… :frowning: Any help would be highly appreciate it, thank you in advance.
Cheers. Manuel

Welcome to the forum.

You can download the Steinberg Download Assistant from here

Then login with your mySteinberg Account and you should see the content to download.