Cubase Elements 10.5 Reactivation Problem

eLicenser 01/16/2020 install date on OLD computer. Trying to download, reactivate and install on a NEW computer.

I reactivated and received the CODE for WaveLab, however, unable to get this EMAIL in order to REACTIVATE Cubase!

I get no ACTIVATION code in my email; looks like this: <>
Mon, Mar 23 , 2020
Dear Steinberg customer,
Please find below the Activation Code you have just requested: (ACTIVATION CODE).

The instructions for UNINSTALL and REINSTALL and UPDATE did not work.

I am in Shenzhen, China - may be blocked by the Great Chinese Firewall, however, I have expressVPN which get’s through it - any help appreciated.

Thank you,

Hi and welcome,

It’s a bit unusual…

If you reactivate, you don’t get a new codes. Just the licenses are moved to the new Soft-eLicenser, you provide the number of.

Problem solved! Contacted Live Chat; they gave me an activation code - worked perfectly - all set! Great tech support