Cubase Elements 10.5

Hello, my name is Whitfield. My issue is that after I downloaded Cubase Elements 10.5, I noticed that there was no Halion Sonic content. I contacted Sweetwater (where I purchased the software) and their tech determined that there was not enough hard drive space for the content. I purchased an external drive, loaded the halion sonic files on the external hard drive. However, when I open up cubase and then halion, no contents show up. Is it that cubase is not recognizing the external hard? Does everything (halion sonic and content) have to be on the “C” drive? Please let me know, thanks.


Please, make sure, you have installed HALion Sonic SE. This one is part of Cubase license. But HALion Sonic is own dedicated license.

So, once we are talking about HALion Sonic SE… The library can be stored at the other, but C driver. You can manage the license in the Steinberg Library Manager. But the think is, you have to have the aliases on the C drive (the folder, where the library sits by default). So now, you can make an aliases of the whole library and move it to the relevant folder. Then Cubase will see it.