Cubase Elements 10 - Currently there is no eLicenser connected to your computer

Dear Steinberg community,

I work as a tech support rep for an Israeli retailer selling Steinberg products, and am posting on behalf of a client of ours who purchased a brand new copy of Cubase Elements 10 about a month ago and is still experiencing issues trying to install it. I couldn’t get help from Steinberg directly and neither from the local distributor so I’m posting here as a last resort.

Upon trying to install the software, the customer received a massage about the serial not being available. After many efforts to sort this problem out, including using the eLicenser Control Center maintenance, uninstalling/reinstalling countless times etc. he now gets this massage inside eLCC:

As per Steinberg’s instructions on this page:, we tried using eLC Installation Helper, however no matter what we do the installation fails. We tried disabling the firewall and anti-virus software to no avail. Also, we tried following the instruction on this link from Yamaha:, however the PC was already set on the correct setting and so it didn’t help.

It’s important to note the key shows up on his account as “not activated” still, but as I said we cannot find a way to activate it.

Any assistance would be highly appreciated.


I’m having the same issue, assistance would be nice.

I’m having the same issue as well